Welcome to Big Little Party

Big ideas for little parties.

Make little parties great again.

Little parties don’t have to be small!

Get the picture?

The humble dinner party can be an unforgettable experience (in a good way).

By spending a little time on special details you can literally pimp your party no matter where or how you live.

And, why should you?

Remember laughing hysterically till it hurt, when you were mesmerized by magic, you could feel and taste the words from a book, you felt wonderment, exhilaration, enchantment… often?

Remember when you didn’t think about what you had to do the next day?

A BLP party makes you embody the moment,
experience joy and be totally absorbed in the fun.

Just imagine, the photos, the videos, the laughs.
Whether its memories, social media recognition,
or just a break from reality that you crave, you deserve a BLP.

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Do you have a theme? What is the colour scheme, do you have any inspiration photos? Budget? The more information you provide will help us come back to you with a detailed proposal/quote.
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